Pastors Notes - August | 2018


A sentence from Psalm 105 gripped my attention recently. “Glory in his holy name!” (v3). We typically don’t use the word glory in that way. We speak about beholding the glory of God, and desire to glorify him. But generally, we don’t think about glorying in him. This tells us to revel in the uniqueness of God and his perfect character. It requires us to reflect on our hearts and locate our boast, our joy, and our reward in all that we do. So we ask, “In what do we glory as a church?"

Our hearts sing for the remarkable things that the Lord has done recently. God is answering our prayer for us to be a church with a local presence. We met many new neighbors on Family Day, have established relationships with key leaders in the community, are partnering with them for new initiatives in the Fall, and are seeing people added to our church.

But in all of this, we do not glory in our activity but in his holy name. Yes, we are encouraged by all that is happening! But if we make any boast or find any joy, may it be in the fact that God is faithful to give us the wisdom, strength, and fruit for all our labor.

Why does this matter?

It matters because if we are not careful we can treat God as a means to another end. We can approach him as a tool to be used for our activity, a power to be controlled for our agendas. And if that is our approach, even our attempts to love the neighborhood can be a form of idolatry. God is not a means to an end. He is the joy, the treasure, the reward that we want to share with others. We do everything with the hope that those whom we meet, serve, and love would join us in glorying in his holy name.

On the last 4 Sundays of September, we plan to partner with Andrew Blacks and his non-profit, Positive Influence, to host a flag football tournament for kids in the neighborhood. And while the kids are playing, we plan to hold various classes for parents in the neighborhood. Please keep these events in prayer. Let us ask God to meet us with his presence, to send the specific people we are to serve, and to establish the work of our hands.

Who knows? Perhaps through our love, God may lead them to also glory in his holy name.

Jason James
Lead Pastor
Community of Grace