The Wounded Father's Heart

Fathers Day can be a tough day whether you had a Christian father or not and you might feel the sadness by never having had a father like the heavenly father. Explore with us as we see sadness be swallowed up and overcome with joy because God offers his fatherhood to anyone who will accept the gift of adoption by trusting Christ and yielding to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Confronting our Prejudices

We saw a Jewish Pentecost a Samaria Pentecost and now we get to see a Gentile Pentecost. For each Pentecost God had to confront a sin to see his mission go forward. Here we see Jesus confronting our prejudice so that reconciliation can come among divided people. Learn how confronting our sin of prejudice will help us move Jesus mission forward to all people. 

Addressing Mental Health & The Mission of the Church

We felt it is very important that we start to crack the shell and allow people to talk about the realities of Mental Health but specifically on Depression and Suicide*. It has been too long that people have kept silent on this issues. It's time we talked!! On a Friday night, we shed light on the realities of mental illness and how the local church is called to serve. Due to some technically difficulties with audio we lost some of part 1 of the message. You can still hear Alicia shed light on the realities of mental health starting at 35:15 mins into the talk.