July 2018 Financial Update

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As most of us know, NYC often challenges us in ways that make our dependence upon God very obvious. At Grace, one of the ways we’ve seen that repeatedly through the years is in our finances and it continues to be true.

For 2018, we set an especially lean budget and continue to work on finding ways to steward our resources as efficiently as we can. Even with that, however, this year is stretching us and proving more challenging than anticipated.

As you can see from the included charts, we’ve only had two months so far this year where our actual giving met the target that would support our planned budget. And actually, we’ve only really met the target one month. June seems to have been an exceptionally good month, and it was, but this is one of those examples of God’s particular provision. We had one unusually large gift that month that helped tremendously, and without that, we would have been significantly under the target that month.

From past conversations, the community at Grace has asked that we keep everyone informed of where we are financially and we agree that this is vital, so we want to make everyone aware of where things stand currently for the year. You can see that even with God’s special provision in June, we currently have a deficit of about $30K for the year.

We continue to trust both in God’s plans for our community and in His ability to provide for those plans. We’re excited for the new opportunities and are confident that He will give us the wisdom and provision we need to pursue them. We’re thankful to be walking out these adventures with all of us together!!

If you feel that God is leading you to help with this deficit, please click below to head to our giving page where you'll find a number of methods in which you can give.

Thank you all for your faithfulness to Jesus and the Community of Grace!

The Grace Finance Team